Ojon – Denis Simioni

Denis Simioni's ojon productOjon’s idea came about when a relative of Denis Simioni came to visit and left behind a jar filled with brown oil. At the time, the relative called it a native remedy that was used to restore damaged hair and skin. Denis didn’t give the jar much thought until two years later when he saw it laying around and decided to give it a try. Because the results were literally instantaneous, it was something that Denis knew was special. Prior to discovering this jar, he worked in the beauty industry for 15 years. Therefore, he immediately knew that he had landed upon something that was very special.

After discovering the jar and the potential behind it as a hair care product, he decided to try to figure out as much information about the special brown oil that his relative had left behind. It turned out that the jar of oil was actually purchased in Central America and the contents were derived from the nut of an Ojon tree. Because the Ojon tree is unique to the rainforest in the Mosquita region of Northeastern Honduras, it was a relatively undiscovered oil.

As soon as Denis Simioni was armed with the information of where the product came from and what it was, he knew that he had to take a trip to Central America to see it for himself. He hopped on a plane and sought out a non-profit group known as MOPAWI. They gave him directions and told him to take a boat ride into the rain forrest. The land he discovered was literally untouched and the natives lived like people did a long time ago.

As soon as he came across Ojon oil producers, he could tell right away who they were. This is because all of the people that he spoke to had hair in excellent condition.

Once he met the producers of the oil itself, he spent the next few years building up a relationship with them and the non-profit group MOPAWI. During this time, he was coming up with new versions of the oil which would eventually become the first official product known as “Restorative Hair Treatment.”

Once their Restorative Hair Treatment was launched, it gained a significant amount of buzz within the hair care industry. Because of the outstanding response to the product, they created a product that catered to different hair types of different hair problems. Every treatment that they came up with included the magical ingredient that Denis Simioni had come across and discovered in his cabinet. Because hair damage is a problem that a ton of people suffer from, it was a very lucrative business opportunity.

Effectiveness Of The Product(s):

A lot of people question the effectiveness of different products in the hair care industry because many products and brands make unsubstantiated claims about their products. However, the claims made by Ojon are very real. Because the product(s) contain the highest quality ingredients, customers can rest easy knowing that they are purchasing a using a very high quality and effective product. In fact, clinical tests showed around a 52% improvement in the condition of dry, brittle, and damaged hair after 1 simple and easy 20 minute application of the product. The tests also showed around a 64% improvement of the dry and brittle hair when left on the hair throughout the night.

Product Launch:

The first product was launched in December 2003 on QVC – an American shopping channel. Because Denis Simioni knew that his story was one out of a fantasy novel, he figured that the best way to approach the market would be on television – specifically QVC. It offered him the ability to really sell the story of the product itself. Ojon now holds the accomplishment of being the number one hair care brand on QVC. Also, they are the number one selling brand in many other channels in different countries including; Canada and the United Kingdom. His line also happens to be stocked and sold by various speciality retailers and salons throughout the world. The revenue from the brand itself is said to be around $48 million per year. Dennis credits his amazing growth to having an incredibly loyal customer base that continues to buy and support the brands vision. He even has a bunch of celebrity fans that include; Scarlett Johansson and Demi Moore.

Is The Production Sustainably Harvested?

A lot of consumers are becoming increasingly aware and conscious of sustainable harvesting. For this reason, Denis Simioni makes a commitment to working with the Rainforest Alliance and they have been for over 2 years to date. Not to mention, the Honduran producers that produce the oil itself have earned Forrest Stewardship Council Certification which is an incredible accomplishment in itself. Therefore, you can be assured that the product(s) are being produced as sustainably as possible and no harm is being done to the environment to extract this excellent ingredient. This helps protect the sustainability of the harvesting of the Ojon tree/nut itself. The harvesting of the nuts is extremely time consuming and strenuous as each nut has to be hand harvested.

The ingredient itself is exclusive to the company. No other company has the legal rights to sell a product that contains Ojon oil. This gives Denis a very unique and special product on the marketplace that continues to impress in terms of effectiveness and sales.

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Improving Your Company With Accounts Receivable Factoring

company receivablesIf you are currently facing a situation with your company where you are looking at a quarterly loss, there are several ways that you can improve your earnings. One way would be to liquidate certain assets that you have in order to generate additional cash flow, and another is through accounts receivable factoring. This essentially involves the sale of all or part of an existing debt where somebody owes your company a large sum of money. There are companies out there that will purchase that, specifically through accounts receivable factoring, and pay you the discounted amount. Let’s look at how you can do this in order to improve your company’s ability to stay profitable this year.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

The term factoring is a word that refers to a way of selling existing debts for a loss, a decision that can actually help your company. This is distinct from utilizing accounts receivable as a form of a loan collateral because you are simply selling something to a factor, which means an insurance company, bank, or any other company that is interested in purchasing your dad, at a substantial discount. Therefore, factor refers to the business that is going to buy your debt, and you won’t have to worry about collecting debt that is owed to you anymore. Statistically speaking, about a third of all American companies using Accounts Receivable, as well as inventory as collateral, do this on an annual basis.

Why You Should Consider Doing This

There are a couple reasons why you should consider doing this. An example would be being owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, debts that you have not recovered. If you are a new company, Accounts Receivable cannot be used as collateral for a loan, however, it can be used to generate a discounted amount of cash. In the same way that people will purchase a fixer-upper piece of real estate, and then flip that property for a substantial profit, the same thing is happening in the situation.

If you are a company that is struggling, or if you are new to the industry, and you have accounts receivable problems, you might want to consider selling what you have to a company that will easily be able to recover the losses using certain strategies and techniques, and provide you with a minimal sum of money to help your business continue to profit and move forward.

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How To Improve Your Trade-show Presence With Fabric Banner Stands

banner stand fabricGetting the most out of trade show is very important. A trade show that is aimed directly at your niche market has typically everything you need in order to succeed in your line of business. However, just because all your potential leads and prospects are there does not mean all is set and good. You competitors are also there and they are also doing everything they can to sway the buyers in their direction. It just takes a lack-luster presentation and booth to make them head off to the next one.

In essence, you do not have a lot of options for a square booth just big enough for some few chairs tables, chairs and some display products. You have the option of hiring a promo person, most probably an attractive lady, whom you will pay to stand all day to talk top almost every passerby. However, you should be prepared to spend a hefty amount on such.

Ideally, with the strategy mentioned above, you might end up with a lot of worthless leads. What I mean by worthless leads, is people who just happened to pass by and had some to kill. They leave their business cards just for the sake but end up not really interested in whatever you are selling. Worse, they just stopped to have a chance to talk to the pretty lady.

However, with fabric banner stands, you will be taking less space, while still making your booth look tidier as you are already saving everything important that you want in a well-designed and in a well-written sign. Ideally, you get to attract only those who really have an interest in your business and what you have to sell since they have liked what they have read.

Making your prospect leads read what you have to offer is a way of making sure you get the quality leads (simply you are doing some kind of filtering when you use fabric banner stands). If you are familiar with the lead generation business, then you know what people go through when separating the god ones from the junk leads.

A quality fabric banner stand is a very cost effective form of advertising and it is a vital item for a trade-show maker. There are a number of sizes, styles, configuration as well as pricing options that are available. All you have to do is make sure that you have a well versed good ad copy with an attractive layout and you will be getting quality potential buyers in no time.

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Choices Of Mobile Analytics Companies

mobile laptopIf you are a mobile apps developer, you should track the evolution of your apps in the marketplace. You need to know how many people access and download it, as well as other information about the visitors and potential buyers. There are several mobile analytics companies you can choose from, depending mainly on your budget.

For developers with no advertising budget, it’s best to go for one of the free solutions: Flurry, Apsalar and Localytics. Flurry is probably the most reliable, as it is already the choice of many other developers. Nonetheless, Apsalar is also worth a closer look, as it has some tools that aren’t available at their competitors.

If you intend to spend some money on advertising, measuring your performance is very important. Free solutions could cost you a lot of money, so you need to investigate mobile analytics companies that offer you a wider array of reliable tools. Both Apsalar and Localytics have premium versions, so you could take a look into their offer. Another choice is Kontangent, a paid-only solution which looks quite promising.

If your advertising spending exceeds 10k per month, you should be really careful when you do your research. All premium solutions listed above have their pros and their cons, so you need to study all of them in order to decide which way to go. One nice thing about Localytics, for instance, is their correct handling of offline data. Moreover, their SDKs are lightweight, as they don’t include an ad code. Their service focuses on parameters that are specific to mobile users such as sessions, events and engagement. The dedicated customer support and consulting is also a big plus for Localytics and for all other similar companies that offer it.

Big successes are usually based on a careful analysis of all possible information that could lead to improving conversions, usability and awareness. Simply gathering a lot of data means nothing if you don’t know how to interpret it properly in order to draw the right conclusions. This is why you need to hire a specialist to handle this extremely important aspect of your business. Aggregated data can reveal information and give you insights which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. A wise decision, at the right moment could propel you on top of your market and make you one of the happy winners of this game which is exciting and fun, but also very demanding.

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Quality and Affordable Corporate Event Management

event management picCorporate event management basically involves the handling of various organization or company activities that may range from press conferences to in house events and even external events such as fundraisers and charities. These activities are best handled by skilled and experienced experts who normally advise on the logistics of the above events. A good corporate event planner must be able to carry out all the required research as well as planning an event effectively from the beginning to the end.

Managing a corporate event is not an easy task as it requires some special set of skills to pull off. There are specialized advisers or companies that offer the subject services to organization planning to carry out an event or even a number of events in the annual calender. A lot of support is needed from various stakeholders from different marketing and advertisement companies.

Common illustrations of corporate event management is seen when organizing a new brand release, a road show, a gall or dinner or even a press event. All the above illustrations reveal that the process of planning for corporate events can be really labor intensive and specific to certain concepts and goals.

A good and reliable corporate event manager will go ahead to plan accordingly for something like launching a new consumer item. The affected organization has the main goal of indicting as many clients and customers to try out their new flagship product. Organizing an event to do this major launching is the responsibility of a corporate event manager.

Corporate event management is a step by step process that requires a lot of collaboration between an organization and the event organizing company. The company that has been awarded the task of handling a corporate event must consult heavily with an organization to make sure all the needs and desires of the organization are put into consideration.

Good corporate event organizing companies will offer very competent experts to handle even the smallest of events to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This is very important and crucial for the overall image of any company or organization out there. External events that have press or media coverage are even more sensitive and have to be made successful by any means.

Successful corporate event planning techniques should be very creative and in one way or the other involve some social media integration. Technology is a major boost to any type of organizational event.

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Tools That Will Help You Measure Mobile Application Analytics

application for mobileMeasuring your mobile applications analytics seems complex enough. But with the rapid rise of mobile users and the increase in manufacture of mobile phones(particularly smartphones), there is an added layer of intricacy for those who are just starting out to consider.

With an intensive research, I found a few robust tools and resources that can help your business analyze mobile app analytics and or even the overall analytics.

Google Analytics

With the recent enhancements to the Google Analytics segments and filters, one no longer has the reason to use any other program to track where their visitors come from and what devices they are respectively using. For example, you can be able to filter mobile devices and even go a step further to see who is using a tablet since this platform now takes the screen size into consideration.

Furthermore, the marketing names and manufacturer models are available so you will be able to know who is using an android device and who prefers using an iPhone. Using both of these filters, you will be able to compare mobile to the overall visitors.


I consider this one of the best platforms for any kind of analytics since you can be able to track analytics in various number of tools such as Google, Mixpanel and KISSmetrics alike. Through this program, you will only have to track the events on time from a perspective of development. Mixapanel comes in handy when trying to figure out the difference between the web browser and native mobile usage across your user base.


This platform has a wide variety of analytics but one of the most popular is monitor sign up conversion rates from the mobile. Although there are still more users of desktops during sign ups compared to mobile devices, this trend is rapidly changing. By tweaking your mobile experience and monitoring it in real time how it affects your conversion rates, you will be able to understand which works and which doesn’t.

Mobile Application Tracking

Mobile app tracking, a program by the HasOffers team is a mobile application analytics tool that offers a view of mobile marketing across all channels. Ideally, it is the only tool that helps in offering clear to end conversion funnel.

Mobile application analytics is a top trend but developers fail to see how it fits with the overall customer engagement. These platforms give you a robust set of tools that can strengthen your overall mobile app performance.

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What Does A Beef Company Do?

fresh beefIf you’re just like most people, you probably have retail shops on your mind when it comes to the term “beef company”. But really, a beef company does more than sell meat to hungry customers. It processes meat, and by processing we do mean they’re involved in the process of slaughtering cow and cutting them into the pieces. It’s the one part of the meat processing industry that isn’t so pretty but needs to be done anyway.
If you search for “beef companies” on Google or any other search engine, you will see that there are many, company that are involved in the meat processing industry – from procurement of animals to prepping them up for the end-consumer. They are mostly local enterprises owned and run by one or two people.
We know of two people who run a custom meat processing company in our city. One started really – he was employed by the neighborhood meat shop throughout senior high school.  Following senior high school, he attended Colorado Condition College, where he graduated having a B.S. in Animal Science degree and was part of the Meat Judging Team.  Right after graduation and throughout his career, he’s had many great encounters that have fueled his passions, eventually leading him to found the business that he is co-owner of today.  His background includes fresh meat procurement for some big companies and developing a branded beef develop program.
The other guy, on the other, manages customer support and handles the front-end of the plant and is often the first face or voice customers encounter.  He concentrates on the company procedures, customer support, cutting instructions, retail front, and lots of other activities which come his way during the day.
The company doesn’t have restaurant. They concentrate on processing for food service businesses and restaurants that operate in Colorado.  This start was the initial step in developing  business associations, just before them buying a processing facility in 2007.

Within the last six years, the company has been growing and is continuing to grow.  However, despite its growth and changes, you will find a couple of things that remain constant: They’re considered the best in the industry (at least where we are), and they consistently make an effort to provide on top quality meat products.
They don’t raise cattle – the meat is bought from farmers and ranchers who bring in their animals to process. The two guys then do what they do best – process the cattle and cut them up.

When you come to really think about it, the whole meat is an industry that has a long chain – from the cattle raisers, to the meat processors, to the retailers that service end-consumers, including restaurants, groceries, and specialty meat shops.

It might surprise you to know that those involved in meat processing actually study and then train themselves in the fine art of cutting up meat. Most of them go on apprenticeship with experienced butchers before striking it out on their own.

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Choosing The Right University

Choosing the right university for your academic career is not an easy task. Beyond financial concerns, you need to pick a university that suits your lifestyle and your plans for the future. Don’t be content with picking the cheapest college; carefully consider the characteristics of each university on your list.

The Cost

As you create a list of colleges to attend, the cost of each location will probably play a huge role in your final decision. Upon researching the cost of some universities, you may think some are simply out of your reach. However, you can still make an effort to try to get into your favorite and most expensive universities. By starting the application process early, you can attempt to accumulate scholarships and other financial aid solutions for these colleges. Even with financial assistance, you will need to carefully consider the overall expenses each college presents, including the cost of living in the college’s city.

The Location

The location of a potential university could greatly affect your finances and your lifestyle. If you decide to go to a university within your home city, you will be able to save a significant amount of money by living at home. In addition, you’ll be close to the people and places most familiar to you, helping to boost your emotional health during periods of school-related stress. However, if you’re ready to try living in a new place, you will need to choose a location that fits you. For example, if you adore the desert and endless blue skies, a university in Arizona may be the best choice for you.

The Culture

Although all universities offer educational opportunities, each university has its own unique culture. For example, a small community college may offer a quiet and tight-knit community setting. A large state university will always feature a diverse student body, plenty of social opportunities and world-class sporting events. As you ponder your choice for your university, you need to think about the learning and social environments that suit you best.

Living Options

Before you select a college, you need to research the living options at each college. Dorms are standard offerings; if you’re not happy with the dorm you get, however, you may have a miserable time at college. In addition, you can also consider off-campus living options. Do some online research to learn more about apartments and rental homes in the immediate vicinity of each college that you are considering. If you have the money and don’t care for the dorm experience, a off-campus rental may fit you better.

Curriculum Options

Although you can take most types of classes at any college, some universities specialize in particular fields and may offer exceptional classes for students in these majors. If you already have some ideas in mind for your major and future career, plan you college choice with these specialties in mind. Start by researching schools that have excellent reputations in the fields that excite you the most.


We thank Nadia Jacyk for provided this useful information to our readers. If you like you can follow Nadia on Twitter https://twitter.com/NadiaJacyk

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Tips And Tricks For A Satisfying College Education

College students today are a diverse lot, represented by all ages, experience levels and lifestyles. Knowledge is more plentiful than ever, making it easier for us to choose from courses in a variety of learning models, school environments and even tuition prices. Use the advice in this article to get the most from your upcoming or current course of study.

In your first year of college, one of the things that you will want to avoid is a relationship. A relationship can be very difficult when your main goal is to get acquainted with an area and to meet new people. Save this for the later years that you are in college.

Find out if your college or university has a tutoring center. Most colleges do offer these programs, often run by peer tutors. Seeking help from a fellow student can be a huge help in classes in which you struggle. Come to your sessions armed with specific questions to enable your tutor to make the most of your time.

Learn to budget. No matter where you get your money as a college student, you need to make sure your money lasts as long as you need it. Make a list of your expenses and think of how you can cut corners so that you can do what you need to do without going broke.

TIP! If you are having difficulty in college, begin a study group. A study group will offer many choices, including one on one time and group time.

One of the things that you should do when you enter college is to get acquainted the area around your college. This means find the best restaurants, supermarkets and bars in your area. An understanding of the place that you live in can help you feel more comfortable during your stay.

With everything you’ve learned from this article, you have armed yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in college. Whether this is your first time in college or you’ve just decided to return to school and finish your degree, you need all the help you can get. You’re already off to a great start!

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Helpful Tips On How To Get High Grades In College

Going to college is an experience that will help you shape your personality and build a better future for yourself. It is important that you think about your decision carefully, compare different schools and programs and find a way to finance your education. Read this article to learn more about college.

If you are going to be attending college soon and you value your privacy, you may be better off living off-campus. While living in a dorm is much cheaper than having an apartment, you are sacrificing your personal space. If money is an issue for you, search for a studio or one bedroom apartment.

Use the many resources of the library. It is a great place to study, read and relax. When you really need to concentrate, the quiet of the library is a great place to escape the activity of the dorm. The library is also where you can find the most comfortable chairs on campus.

Do not crack under the stress of selecting or declaring a major right away. Some professors might try and draw you into their department early on, as the more students they have the more job security they have. Never rush major decisions, and do what is right for you, not anyone else.

TIP! If you are struggling with one or more of your college courses, seek tutoring help. Many college students think it costs a fortune to hire a tutor; the truth is that most college campuses provide their students with low-cost or free tutoring services.

If you are an adult going back to college, try signing up for night classes. The classes during the day time are full of young adults right out of high school. The night classes are usually filled with adults and students who are serious about their education. It will result in a much better college experience.

Once you know what your major is, get to know the professionals in that department. They will be able to advise you and give you valuable information in how to meet your desires. Their experience will prove invaluable as you continue. Furthermore, if you have any problems, they will be able to help you.

It is now time for you to start thinking about your future and make some educated decisions. If you need help, go to a career counselor or schedule an appointment with an academic adviser from the school you are interested in. You will get the best from your college experience if you choose the right school and the right program.

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