The Benefits Of Time And Attendance Tracking Systems

Regardless of if you only have a few employees or a few hundred, having a time and attendance tracking system can free up countless man hours, saving your company money and eliminating confusions that can often come with scheduling, time off and tracking the hours employees worked. All of these benefits quickly pay for the implementation of the system and then even reduce costs in the years to come.

These systems allow employees at every level see their schedules in real time, ensuring that they are very aware of when they need to report to work in the coming days and weeks. It also creates an easy platform for employees to report that they will not be able to come into work or to request time off. When requesting time off is involved the manager or other leader then will receive an automated notice informing them of the request and give them the opportunity to approve or deny it based on business needs that they can see no matter where they may be in real time.

When it comes to scheduling you can set schedules to rotate every other week or even more complicated set ups. Instead of having to make complicated spreed sheets that often lead to conflicts and errors, you can use the system to ensure that you have set enough manpower at all times and then share that information with everyone upon its completion. Employees can input settings so that they receive instant notifications that a new schedule has been set and sync that with their phones so that they can incorporate the times in their personal calendars.

This system is especially useful for tracking the hours that employees worked. This is true whether your employees clock in on site or work remotely or can be a mixture of both. Remote reporting of hours can be done via a telephone operated system, on their cell phone or by using a laptop or computer. Biometric systems, such as finger print, can be used for those employees that are reporting to work onsite. These systems help to reduce work load for managers and can even prevent time left, which is a major loss for employers.

Using a system, like those provided by TimeTrex, will make it so that no matter where employees may be they can receive alerts about schedule changes, approved or denied time off requests and report to the company that they will not be able to come to work or have begun to work. The amount of time this saves for those responsible for documenting this is invaluable as is the fact that there is little room for confusions or mistakes.

If you do not have a time and attendance tracking system in place at your company you are essentially behind the times. Take some time to see what other companies have to say about these systems. The more you learn about the benefits it becomes almost guaranteed that you will jump on board.

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