Why You Need An Audit App

audit appWhen we say “audit app” we’re not referring to an app that might help professional auditors make their jobs easier reconciling the accounting books of companies. We’re talking about apps that can be used by site managers and job inspectors to check on the progress of the work being done, that is, if the job is being done according to certain standards.

If you would only search for “audit app” on Google Playstore, you will see several names come up, including SafetyCulture and other. While these apps are free to download, they are not free to use, and you will need to have a license in order to use them. But this really shouldn’t be a problem, you can ask your company to fund the purchase the app for you since you’ll be using it for doing your job. What can you expect from an audit app and how can you benefit from it? Read below to know.

Perhaps the most important benefit that audit apps is that they give you the ability to cut your inspection time in half. If you’ve done any audit work, you know that it only takes one hour to inspect a site but would take you three to four hours to make a report if that sounds like a lot of time, it is. But thankfully, with an auditor app, you can cut the reporting time by seven to eight times, allowing you to do more inspections.

Don’t believe us? Just ask the auditors at Volvo, Qantas and other companies that are using these apps.
With an operational audit app, you can create a checklist that you can refer to again and again when you’re doing an inspection. You can also create and edit form and drag and drop them to your screen. You can also make annotations, or add drawings, diagrams or arrows to pictures to clearly illustrate your findings.
In a few short words, with an audit, you don’t need to make a report completely from scratch. Once you’re done with the inspection, you only need to fill out the template, and when you’re ready, you can export to MS office, and turn it into a document that you can send to your manager.

If that doesn’t sound like a very convenient way to do your work, we don’t know what is. But for all the convenience, you might be wondering how much it would cost you. Well, we looked at one app and it has several packages for its users: free, $9 per user per month, $12 per user per month, and $48 per user per month.

As you might expect, not all of these accounts are created alike, and you get what you pay for. With a free account, you only get a limited amount of features. While for the $48, you get the whole set of bells and whistles. We’re not telling you which package to buy, but we’re going to tell you to get something based on your needs.

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