How To Get Surety Bonds Even If You Have Bad Credit

Surety Bond Small Print

In the same way that you can be rejected for a credit card if your credit is not that great, the same thing can happen with surety bonds. If you have had a bad experience with a couple of businesses where you were not able to finish projects, this could also work against you when trying to get different or new bonds for jobs coming up. All of this is going to be public record, so you need to be careful as you are bidding on jobs and make sure that you complete them as you are promising to do when you bid on them to begin with. If you have had some problems in the past, there are still companies that are willing to provide you with these bonds. You simply have to know how to find them.

How The Surety Bond Process Works

The process is actually very simple to understand. The person that once one is called the principal. This means that they are bidding on the job and they are promising to complete the job if they win the bid. There is the obligee which is the business that is offering the job for people to bid on. This is usually some type of company or corporation. Finally, there is the surety and that is where the surety bond comes in. This is the company that provides the bonds that can be used in case someone does not finish a job. These can be used by the principal to obtain the money that they are going to lose because another person has not completed the job for them.

How To Get A Surety Bond Even If You Have Bad Credit

Getting one of these bonds even if you don’t have good credit is not that hard to accomplish. There are quite a few businesses that offer this type of service and are very flexible. What they tend to do is they will either overlook the less-than-perfect credit and they will look at your track record working with prior companies. If you have completed all of the jobs, or at least only missed one of them in a span of several years, then they will issue the bond for you without any problem.

How Long Will The Bond Last?

These companies are able to exist because they are issuing bonds that must be renewed annually. It’s how they make their business work. If they only issued them once, for a one time payment, this could be a problematic situation if they were having to use the bonds to pay off all of the principles. Therefore, keep that in mind as you are getting these and realize they will only last a single year before you will have to go through the renewal process. At the very least, you will have a surety bond that will allow you to bid on jobs that can help you make more money with your company.

Understanding the entire surety bond processes not that hard to comprehend. It’s a simple matter of finding the companies that offer them. Once you have submitted your request, they will either approve you or not, with the vast majority of them offering to provide you with this type of bond. After you have it, you can start bidding on any of the jobs in your city up to the amount of the bond itself. Find out more about surety bonds today if you are a contractor and you need to have one soon.

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