Build An App Marketing Plan

Smartphone Apps

If you have an app and you want people to use it, you need to get familiar with app marketing. There are a lot of avenues you can go down, so be sure you look into this carefully. Once you find a way to market your apps to people, it’ll be more likely to get downloaded.

An app isn’t going to do well if it’s not made well. If you throw out a random program that’s strung together by code you found here and there, it won’t cut it. People will install it and then uninstall it and word will spread fast that it’s not good. Even if you plan on updating it later, make sure that you make a good first impression with downloaders. Never put up anything that is unfinished, even just as a test, because that makes people associate your name with poor quality in the app world.

Apps are a lot of fun for people to download to try out. So, make sure you have a demo version of your software or give it away for free. If you are going to give it out for free, then you should put ads into the app that people pay to have there. You can also just put in ads that point to your company or whatever projects you’re working on. Either way, free generally means that people have to sit through ads with other apps so they’re used to it as long as they are not too intrusive.

Make sure you read the reviews that people write about your app. If they are saying that it’s not that great all the time, then you’re going to want to seriously think about fixing what they complain about. If people see that you’re making an effort, they may keep using the app as it grows. Eventually, if you follow the feedback you get and make the right changes, you’re going to see a lot more people downloading and using your app. If you ignore them and tell them that they get what you give them, it doesn’t really help to make your app popular.

Sometimes your app can go viral and you need to be prepared for something like that. Try to have it up on the different stores like the Google Play store. If people find that they love the app and start reviewing it favorably then you may start to get approached by people that will pay you to put their ads into your app. That can be far more lucrative than just charging people to use it. In fact, you can make it a free app later on if you put ads in it and have a paid version that takes out the ads for those that really don’t like them.

You can work on app marketing online from the comfort of your own home. Before you know it, a lot of people will be downloading and using your app. Sell ad space and you can make money on top of what people are paying for the app!

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